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Posted on 03.14.06
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  • Posted on 03.14.06

The Metropolitan St. Louis Clergy Coalition has endorsed Darnetta Clinkscale and Jim Buford for election in the April 4th School Board elections.

According to the Reverend Doug Parham, president of the 93-member group of local pastors and ministers:

"The motives behind our endorsement can be summed up in one word — ‘commitment.’ Darnetta Clinkscale and James Buford have proven their commitment to the children of our city. They’ve shown that they are committed to reforming the city public schools into learning institutions that prepare our children for life."

I agree with Rev. Parham, as I do with the Reverend Sammie Jones, the Coalition’s past president:

"Darnetta and Jim are the only candidates in this race who enthusiastically support our new superintendent Creg Williams’ plans to reform our schools. We believe that it is essential to our children and our entire community that these changes go forward and Creg Williams needs a board that shares that vision."

(That’s Dr. Creg Williams at a different event.)