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Posted on 01.05.14
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  • Posted on 01.05.14

A message to the City's employees:

City Hall, City offices, and the municipal courts will be closed on Monday, January 6, 2014. You are asked not to report to your work station, unless you are directed to by your supervisor.

Today and the next several days are going to be challenging for those City employees involved in public safety, infrastructure maintenance and public health. They will also be hard days for the residents we serve, particularly seniors and parents of young children.

After the snow abates, dangerous cold will remain. That's why I want to ask you to please use your time off to help out in your own neighborhoods. There is plenty to do:

* Be the City's eyes and ears for problems. Let the Citizens Service Bureau or the Metropolitan Police Department know what needs to be done.

* Check on the neighbors you know are housebound.

* Help out the neighbors you know who have small children.

* Keep an eye on pets. Let neighbors know that it is too cold outside for animals, too.

* Shovel your own sidewalk, then your neighbor's, then the fire hydrants closest to your house.

You are among the City's most government-savvy residents ' and the City's most important resource. Please use that power for good this week.

Thank you very much. Stay safe.

Francis Slay