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Posted on 05.15.06
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  • Posted on 05.15.06

Voters in Mesa (AZ)are poised to consider a couple of important questions about their lives. Some residents of the Sun Belt community of approximately 400,000 people have noticed that their upscale ’burb actually has very little to occupy them. They have begun to long for the galleries, concerts, independently owned restaurants, parks, high-rise condos, cultural institutions, chic shops, museums, and public festivals of an urban lifestyle. Other residents like the current bedroom tidiness of manicured subdivisions of expensive homes. The two points of view will face off at the polls tomorrow when Mesa’s voters weigh imposing its first property tax and raising the current sales tax modestly.

The election caught my eye because some proponents have mentioned St. Louis along with Atlanta, Miami, and Minneapolis as the sorts of big cities Mesa could become. (The other thing I noticed was an $84 million subsidy Mesa has just given to bring a Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World there.)

I’ll let you know what Mesans decide.