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Posted on 12.27.10
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  • Posted on 12.27.10

Max Starkloff was a civic treasure ' an advocate, a resource, and an example. His service was recognized by presidents, mayors, and CEOs. His life was the stuff of a great movie. While living in a nursing home himself, he planned and founded a center for independent living, fell in love with (and married) his physical therapist, moved out of the institution, and took on ' one at a time ' the barriers faced by people with disabilities. Max (one name was enough) was a force, locally and nationally, behind laws requiring barrier-free sidewalks, parking for people with disabilities, and accessible public transportation. He was an example of living a full life as a person with a disability. The designs and operating practices of the City's public buildings, Metro, the St. Louis Zoo, and Busch Stadium reflect his advice, solicited and otherwise. He cannot be replaced, only remembered.

Kim and I extend our condolences and offer our prayers to Colleen and the family.