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Posted on 02.03.10
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  • Posted on 02.03.10

In this economy, some local businesses have been tentative about hiring new employees. That is probably a mistake. Because of downsizing and layoffs in some sectors, the available workforce is more able, capable, and qualified than it has been in a while. There are plenty of St. Louisans well suited to do the jobs that local companies need to be done.

To tip the scales of indecision towards hiring, the City's St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment is providing incentive to local businesses. SLATE will pay (from the State of Missouri's 15% funds) up to half of new employees' salaries for up to six month to offset training costs associated with new employees.

The program is available to St. Louis businesses on a first-come, first-served basis. Of course, there are restrictions. This funding, which is part of the 2009 ARRA funding, is only available for businesses who agree to hire new employees who have been laid off or downsized from their previous employer.

For more information for businesses, contact Bonnie Mireles from SLATE at 314 657-3546. If you're a worker who has been laid off, visit www.stlworks.com.