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Posted on 04.28.08
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  • Posted on 04.28.08

I recent met with Ed Holman, chairman of Macy’s South. The City Macy’s is now a part of this Macy’s operating division.

Mr. Holman reaffirmed Macy’s intention to keep the Downtown store open — and more importantly — told me that they plan to upgrade the range of merchandise in the store and redirect their downtown merchandising to the approximately 90,000 people from throughout the region who work daily within a walk of the City Macy’s. This is also good news for City residents, who will be able to find the kinds of things they want at the City Macy’s, once the merchandising transition is complete. (I will keep you posted on the timing of the merchandising transition.)

I also met Betsy Zeino, the regional Vice President of Macy’s who is moving to St. Louis and will assume responsibility for all of the Macy’s stores in this region. Ms. Zeino is very excited about the opportunities the downtown store presents — and her househunting is taking her to some great City neighborhoods.

The two execs indicated that Macy’s plans to retain ownership of the Railway Exchange Building and will market its upper floors for office use. I look forward to working with them on that plan.