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Posted on 02.17.10
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  • Posted on 02.17.10

I met with US Representative Roy Blunt at City Hall yesterday. His staff sought the meeting. And I readily agreed to it. It did not escape my notice that Mr. Blunt is a Republican, and that his visit to the Democratic mayor of St. Louis was likely occasioned by Mr. Blunt’s decision to seek election to the US Senate.

Why meet with him? As mayor, my first allegiance is not with my political party. It is with the people of St. Louis. I was elected to find new ways to make the City better. I will work with anyone who shares that goal, and will call out anyone who does not, regardless of party affiliation. Besides, given the magnitude of the problems facing the country, I think Washington could use a little more bi-partisanship right now.

For the record: Mr. Blunt was articulate and charming. He is currently my second choice for the US Senate.