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Posted on 03.07.14
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  • Posted on 03.07.14

 For many of us, Lent begins. For all of us, there's no time like now to lean in to our City.

A lot of great work is being done in the City by congregations, faith communities, and devout individuals.

We're a pretty religious city (there's a Saint right in our name). Our neighborhoods boast cathedrals, churches, temples, and other places of worship on almost every corner. We attend them regularly - and, we hope, what we learn on church days stays with us on the other days.

We hear and read a lot about communities of faith in connection with health care; in outreach to young people; in support of families with loved ones serving overseas in the military; in assistance during emergencies; and in prayer and compassion when breadwinners are not working.

In tough times, as in most times, our neighbors rely on faith communities to educate, to celebrate, and to advocate.