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Posted on 10.22.08
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  • Posted on 10.22.08

Sassafras, the cafe at the Missouri Botanical Garden, is the City’s (and the state’s) only certified "Green" restaurant (so designated by the aptly named Green Restaurant Association). According to the Garden’s website, Sassafras earned the certification by doing a number of different green things. They use real silverware, recycle, and pass out post-consumer recycled content paper napkins. Their hand-washing sinks and dishwashers use reduced water flow attachments. Their lighting is a mix of natural and florescents. Their teas and coffees are Fair Trade. Their soaps and detergents are Green Seal certified. Their recent build-out used sustainable materials.

None of these things is particularly exotic or expensive. Taken together, they signal the Botanical Garden’s thoughtful commitment to its mission. We could all do some of these things. Some of us could do all of them.