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Posted on 09.04.06
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  • Posted on 09.04.06

Americans are better at doing our jobs than we are at most other things in our lives. Our industry and imagination have built a national lifestyle that is the envy of most other countries.

We celebrate that accomplishment today — and honor the men and women who built it.

With the celebration comes plenty of cautions and other advice. The US Catholic Bishops remind us to consider how the U.S. economy treats “all workers, including migrant workers and immigrants;” Gov. Matt Blunt asks us to continue a commitment to making our state “a better place to live, work and raise families;” the AFL-CIO urges us join them in making sure “everyone, not just the CEOs, gets a fair share of the growing economy;” the US Chamber of Commerce warns of a growing labor shortage;” the Missouri Department of Transportation tells us to buckle up, obey speed limits, drive sober, and "be patient and courteous;" and the Post-Dispatch editorializes in favor of a higher minimum wage, universal health care, a lighter tax burden on ordinary citizens, and more generous bosses.

Happy Labor Day, St. Louis.