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Posted on 09.14.06
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  • Posted on 09.14.06

A state judge has thrown out Missouri’s new photo identification law, arguing that its requirements would impose extra burdens on some voters, particularly women who have changed their names and must prove their identities.

This is very good news.

I was a party to the lawsuit that challenged the law because I believe very strongly that the foundation of our democratic institutions is the right of everyone to participate. In this era of low-turnouts and disenchanted voters, we should be working to make it easier, not harder, to cast a ballot.

There will certainly be an appeal, but I expect the same result.

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From the judge’s ruling:

The photo ID burden on the voter may seen minor or inconsequential to the mainstream of our society for whom automobiles, driver licenses and even passports are a natural part of everyday life. However, for the elderly, the poor, the undereducated or otherwise disadvantaged, the burden can be great if not insurmountable . . . "