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Posted on 12.09.08
  • 2 min read
  • Posted on 12.09.08

I do not believe that patriotism requires a shopping spree in challenging economic times. But, it is certainly true that local retailers — and the national economy — could use a little nudge right now. If you are going to be buying things anyway, I hope that you will shop in the City.

I have just been paging through the new Internet-based City shopping guide, which will go live later this week in time for the Highway 40 closure. The stores and shops in City neighborhoods have quite a lot to offer — all of it useful, much of it unique.

In addition to offering a variety of mainstream retail stores like Target, Lowes and Macy’s, the City is also home to a collection of shopping opportunities that offer one-of-a-kind and high fashion apparel, collectibles, vintage cars and scooters, home décor, jewelry, works of art, international foods and exotic spaces, sports tickets and game-worn jersies, antiques and historic artifacts, books, plants, all the candies of your youth, and other items you probably won’t find anywhere else in the St. Louis region — and certainly won’t find closer to your home.

The gift-giving holidays of several major religions are converging. This is a good time to remind friends to shop in the City for that perfect gift. I’m sure you’ll find it. And when it’s time to relax, enjoy the smorgasbord of upscale, casual, and ethnic restaurants, taverns, and coffeeshops located throughout our diverse neighborhoods.

(I know that holidays are not the best time to introduce pets into a household, but I promised Pam Walker that I would take every opportunity to mention the adoptable furballs at the City’s Animal Center.)

UPDATE: Here’s the URL: www.shopstlouiscity.com