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Posted on 07.07.06
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  • Posted on 07.07.06

According to the very unscientific results of a survey elsewhere on this website, many of you believe that the local daily newspaper "often" prints inaccurate stories.

My vote on that subject is secret, but it is sometimes enlightening to see the difference between what people say and what reporters write - especially if the omission can change a meaning.

Take the story in yesterday’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch regarding Forest Park.

In the story, the newspaper’s reporter postulates that there is more tension surrounding park decisions because of the debate over the terms of the BJC lease. As evidence, the reporter cites a quote from Gentry Sayad, chairman of the Forest Park Advisory Board.

Here’s what the reporter wrote:

"He [Gentry Sayad] suspects there may be some spillover effect because of the publicity generated by the Barnes-Jewish proposal."

In fact, Mr. Sayad told the newspaper he thinks City officials may be acting more carefully because they fear unwarranted criticism from the Post-Dispatch.

If your newspaper is part of the story, shouldn’t it also be in the story?