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Posted on 05.17.10
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  • Posted on 05.17.10

Acting Health Department director Pam Walker sent me this story. Don't you wonder how it ends?

I have noticed a young man for a couple of weeks visiting the shelter. Volunteers ask him if he is looking to adopt and he just says he is looking. Last Saturday, I saw him playing with one of the dogs in one of the long runs through the cage and I asked him if he would like to get a dog out and walk it and he said, "That's my dog." When I questioned him a little more he told me that he had surrendered her over a month ago because he could not pay the $300 security deposit where he had to move and he comes to visit her every week. I offered to let him walk her and he was so excited. I took her cage mate and walked with him. He told me the dog's name is Xxxx and he had her for five years. I learned that he is married and has a daughter and a job. He wanted to get his family a better home and his rent is almost $800 so he just could not afford the rent and the security deposit and the pet deposit. And that he has a fenced back yard. Xxxx was so excited to see him and walk outside with him. He just kept picking her up and giving her hugs and kisses. (And Xxxx is not a tiny dog!) It just tore my heart out, so I told him if he would apply to adopt her back I would raise the money for the cost of adoption, spay and the shots we gave her and the $300 security deposit to his landlord. He left with an application to speak to his wife and his landlord and I do not know if he has returned it.

Adopt an animal: http://stlouis.missouri.org/citygov/health/arc/dogpics1.html