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Posted on 11.15.08
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  • Posted on 11.15.08

Some of you send cards to honor the holiday of your religion. Others send secular cards to celebrate a season. My official cards are more of the latter type, a splash of colorful non-denominational sentiment from me to the people who have somehow ended up on The Official Christmas Card List.

My official cards’ design always shows off the artistic talent of a St. Louis schoolchild, whose work has been chosen from among the hundreds of creative entries mailed to my office each year in crayon, water colors, paints, pencil, ink, and color pencil. The entries always include flocks of ecumenical angels, courts of wise men, corrals of wooly sheep, stadiums of holiday-inclined sports mascots, flocks of festive dinosaurs, plenty of bloated little brothers, conga lines of dancing pets, and troops of candy-cane decorated, flame-throwing tanks.

I love them all — and choosing ten finalists and one winner is a tough job.

It is possible that some of you have children or grandchildren whose talents lean toward Hallmark moments. If so, please encourage them to send in their card designs. You can read the rules here.

(Once again this year, I would like to remind the staffers at MayorSlay.com that I am on to their tricks and that I can easily recognize their anonymously submitted handiwork. The blogging Santa was only amusing the first two or three years.)