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Posted on 05.02.06
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  • Posted on 05.02.06

A sensible traffic plan is as important to the Highway 40/I-64 construction project as “on time” and “under budget.”

Consultants retained by the City, the Downtown Partnership, and stakeholders along the I-64 corridor have been studying traffic patterns to see what needs to happen to keep people moving during reconstruction of an important section of Highway 40/I-64.

Although they are still working, what is emerging is plenty of reassurance that there are enough alternative routes and enough alternative modes of transportation to keep the traffic moving to protect businesses, cultural institutions, and the region’s economy.

That is especially true with Downtown. There are many ways to get into Downtown: I-44, I-70, I-55, Manchester, Gravois, Lindell, Forest Park Parkway, Metrolink, the bus . . .

A lot of stuff I’ve read or heard so far has been based on WAGs. The study will give us hard data.