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Posted on 07.29.08
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  • Posted on 07.29.08

Barb Geisman attended a focus group yesterday evening. The purpose of the group was to talk about the hardware-related needs of downtown residents. The group was organized by Jay Case of Orchard Development. Orchard’s plan (which is close to being finalized, but is not yet a done deal) is to locate an Ace Hardware store in the 16,000 sq. ft. remaining on the first floor of the Ely Walker building at 16th and Washington Avenue.

Everyone who attended was very enthusiastic. Their “wish lists” included tool rental opportunities, window coverings and associated hardware, cleaning supplies, shelving, cabinet hardware, “move-in” packages, access to qualified home repair/improvement tradespeople, and supplies for downtown’s growing community of artists.

A full-service hardware store would complement the new Schnuck’s grocery under construction across from the Old Post Office, giving residents of Downtown (and surrounding neighborhoods) walking and scootering access to the sorts of services that would require a car in, say, Chesterfield. A hardware store would also serve as a convenient resource for office and residential property managers and contractors, as well as for contractors who need that one last fastener to complete their work for the day.

Good idea, Jay. Thanks, Ace.