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Posted on 03.26.10
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  • Posted on 03.26.10

Mayor Slay is in China. This blog item was written by Steve Baker.

I’ve been reading the guest blogs with great interest. I like the varied view points. But what will make a difference in the perception of this city is education.

I don’t know or pretend to know the answer to the educational woes here. Public schools, Charter schools, Parochial schools or private schools; all should strive for the same goal, an education for the younger constituencies. There are educational gems located in the city that are unrecognized because of all the banter about public and charter schools.

St. Elizabeth Academy, Rosati-Kain High School, Bishop DuBourg, St. Mary’s, the Marian Academy are among these gems. All provide high quality educations. Many of their graduates go on to college and obtain degrees and many go on to obtain graduate degrees.
Their ranks include Barb Geisman, Maureen Borkowski and Kacie Starr-Triplett.

Maybe instead of all this banter about charter and public schools, some of our children should look toward these fine academic institutions for their educations. Both of my daughters attended one of these institutions. One is a graphic artist with a renowned architectural firm and the other is on the dean’s list in college.

Were they motivated in their achievements? Yes they were. They were motivated by their parents and the dedicated staff at these institutions that many people have forgotten. Many of our county friends have problems sending their children to these institutions because they are in the "CITY." What a parochial attitude.

This is a region and our educational resources should be viewed as regional not city or county. It is fashionable to eat at restaurants in the city, but not to educate their children at these educational gems located in the city.

Referring to our educational resources regionally rather than parochially is a massive step in beginning to think of St. Louis as a region. Do you live in West County? East County? South County? North County? Or the City? I don’t know about you, but I live in ST. LOUIS.