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Posted on 03.25.10
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  • Posted on 03.25.10

Mayor Slay is China. This blog item was written by Josh Wiese.

The Mayor has stressed the importance of an accurate and complete count for the City numerous times on his blog, on twitter and in his public appearances. What is at stake for our City is substantial. Worst possible scenarios? The City would lose a substantial dollar amount of federal funding for every person not counted and the possible loss of a Congressional seat.

I recently moved into Dogtown. Before that, we lived in Clifton Heights. My family made the choice to stay because St. Louis is a vibrant, exciting and wonderful city to live in. We don't travel to the Warrenton Zoo, go see the Sikeston Cardinals or attend the O'Fallon Symphony because they don't exist ' they only exist in the City of St. Louis. We're proud of where we live. We're proud of our City.

So how does this relate to the Census?

By filling out your census form and mailing it in you are not only ensuring that we receive our fair share of federal dollars and have a strong voice in Congress, you are also proving to everyone that the City is alive and well ' and growing all the time.

Let's all do our part and mail back our forms. If you did not receive one or have questions about your census form please call me at 613-7025 or at wiesej@stlouiscity.com. Or you could contact the Census Bureau at 1-866-872-6868