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Posted on 10.07.10
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  • Posted on 10.07.10

A guest blog from Robbyn Wahby:

At my suggestion, Mayor Slay has joined the Done Waiting coalition, a national, bipartisan group focused on educational reform. The group finds its energy among the hundreds of thousands of American parents who are frustrated with the pace of change and reform in the nation's public school systems. Its goal is ensure that every child has access to great schools and great teachers, today rather than sometime in the indeterminate future.

Part of my job is to talk to St. Louis parents looking for good schools. The conversations I have had with them remind me that, contrary to some suggestions, not every educational failure can be attributed to uninvolved parents or unmotivated students. In too many cases, the public educational system has simply failed and cannot, given its trajectory, improve fast enough to help children right now.

If you would like to add your voice to the mayor's, I suggest two things: go see the movie "Waiting for Superman." It opens at Plaza Frontenac (hey, I didn't pick the venue) tomorrow night. Then, please consider joining the Done Waiting coalition http://www.donewaiting.org/