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Posted on 06.21.06
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  • Posted on 06.21.06

A couple of you have emailed or asked about a phrase I noted in the draft PUD ordinance for the Bottle District.

The "751 feet above mean sea level" language in the draft of the PUD ordinance would permit building heights of approximately 306 feet. That’s boiler plate language limiting heights for areas close to the Arch, but it is in the draft PUD ordinance for the Bottle District (which is further away from the Arch) both by inadvertence - and by caution. The Arch is the dominant landmark in the City’s skyline. It is everyone’s intent that some new buildings in the Bottle District will be taller than 306 feet.

Here’s how we will handle it: We’ll consider the impact of any new tall buildings added to the skyline very, very carefully. The “751 feet AMSL” language will be modified when the developers let us know exactly what they are planning to do - and when we’ve looked at the effect such buildings would have on the Arch.

FYI: Barb Geisman thinks the height limitation in the final PUD ordinance will probably be 50-60 stories. Somebody with a GPS will have to figure what that is in XXX feet AMSL.