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Posted on 06.08.06
  • 1 min read
  • Posted on 06.08.06

Police work is combination of vigilance, diligence and technology. It is often tedious, and always dangerous. It is rarely as glamorous as the TV shows.

The police officers of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department do a great job keeping City neighborhoods safe — and that’s why I like to use this space from time to time to acknowledge their efforts.

Over the last several days, the Department’s Sex Crimes unit has cleared two significant issues: persevering detectives quickly gathered enough evidence to support criminal charges against a man suspect of committing a spree of crimes in the Gravois Park neighborhood; and other detectives patiently used forensic evidence to identify and have charges brought against another man who will be charged with assaulting a local jogger.

These were, says Chief Joe Mokwa, examples of the good work done every day by that specialized unit. Well done.