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Posted on 12.23.10
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  • Posted on 12.23.10

This is the time of year when many alley dumpsters are full ' of boxes, packing material, and other refuse generated by more time at home and the holidays. That "annually occurring situation" may be compounded this year by an on-going change in operations that is adding single-stream recycling as one of the two scheduled weekly pickups. For most St. Louisans, recycling is something new. Very few residential households used recycling before this year. That means that many of your neighbors are still unclear on the concept or lack the habit of sorting their trash. That will get better over time. Meanwhile, if you think you understand the concept better than your neighbors do, please explain it to them. Most people like the idea once they figure it out.

(If you live in the City and have not yet received your recycling bins, please be patient. Bins and containers are being added a route at a time, in consultation with your alderman, beginning with the routes selected by their aldermen on which the greatest number of residents were already using recycling. Most such routes should have recycling by early Spring.)