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Posted on 03.20.08
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  • Posted on 03.20.08

The current forecast for water levels in St. Louis is now almost 34 feet on Friday, up from yesterday’s prediction of 29 feet. That makes a difference. Engineers now expect that several parts of the city will be affected.

City crews will now begin to close six flood gates. Breckenridge Concrete, Fred Weber’s sand plant, and the President Casino will be impacted. Officials at the President plan to close on Friday morning and re-open on Sunday morning. LK Sullivan at Washington will go under water today.

Clean up and gate opening is now scheduled to begin Monday, with most access restored by the end of day on Monday.

All of this is based on today’s forecast.

UPDATE, 5 pm: Forecasts now call for a crest just over 31 feet — much closer to yesterday’s forecast. City engineers plan to re-open the flood gates. I’ll keep you posted.