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Posted on 06.14.08
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  • Posted on 06.14.08

Flag Day, June 14, kicks off a week of the patriotic display of the American flag. The day commemorates the adoption of an American flag back in 1777. It isn’t an official holiday, but it is usually a popular day in some City neighborhoods.

I looked through my invitations to see if I had missed one to a neighborhood Flag Day celebration. There is one in Herculaneum today, but the only invitation on my afternoon calendar is one from my father for a family barbecue. (I’ll be at that.)

Every year, I get emails from readers around this time of the year noting some improper display of the flag by their neighbors (or, sometimes, by a City facility).

Here is a summary of proper flag etiquette:

  • Fly a flag in good repair
  • Fly a flag only between sunrise and sunset, unless it is illuminated
  • Fly a flag only in good weather
  • Fly a flag with the blue side up

    I’d add one more "rule." Fly your flag proudly.

    (Thanks to Mike DeFilippo for a flag photo from the Big Picture archive.)