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Posted on 05.26.06
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  • Posted on 05.26.06

Retaining good jobs in the City and attracting new employers here are two very high priorities in my office. So, also is the task of helping city employers find well-qualified employees to fill those jobs.

Tom Jones of the City’s training and employment agency has done a good job of matching up jobs and qualified employees. Next year’s City budget will let Tom hire several more specialists to do even more. Much of Tom’s work, though, has been funded by federal dollars that are growing scarcer every year. Tom told me this week that federal cut-backs will require him to end several contracts that had helped City residents prepare for and keep their jobs.

Jobs training, law enforcement, and community development are three areas where the City — like most local governments — relies on federal grants and other federal programs. As the feds choose to spend more dollars in support of other national priorities these important domestic priorities go unaddressed.

I’m not going debate US foreign policy on this blog, but bad federal domestic policies seems fair game.