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Posted on 02.13.08
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  • Posted on 02.13.08

During the week of March 25th, hundreds of enthusiasts and thousands of the merely curious will have exciting opportunities to watch the trendiest national — and best young local — designers show off their latest creations on catwalks set up in some of the City’s most dramatic venues. Yesterday, I helped organizers kick off the event, which is called Fashion Week.

Fashion is not really a new thing in St. Louis.

For a hundred years, St. Louis set the fashionable tone for the largest part of the entire country. In studios tucked into corners of sprawling factory and warehouse buildings along Washington Avenue, in board rooms of the major department stores in the business district, and in drawing rooms of mansions along Lindell, St. Louisans made this City one of the nation’s centers of fashionable clothes and shoes.

St. Louis Fashion Week is an exciting opportunity to recapture some of that energy. I think it is a great idea — and I strongly endorse the effort.