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Posted on 07.29.10
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  • Posted on 07.29.10

U.S. Attorney Richard Callahan announced today that his office has indicted a former St. Louis liquor control agent on bribery charges. Most of that sentence is good news, because it demonstrates government's attention to the fair administration of services. The bad news, obviously, is that a public employee has been accused of violating the trust his fellow citizens had placed in him.

I hope that every public employee, St. Louis City employee or otherwise, reads about the USA's actions and feels either pride that government is doing what it is supposed to be doing or fear that her own misdeeds will inevitably be detected. I suspect that the latter response was what FBI Special Agent In Charge Roland Corvington had in mind when he said in a press release that everyone who works for government should know that if they abuse the trust of the taxpayers, they will be caught and will be prosecuted.