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Posted on 07.15.06
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  • Posted on 07.15.06

What happened yesterday is a shame.

The 35,000 students enrolled in the St. Louis Public Schools needed stability and a strong superintendent. Today, they have neither.

Creg Williams gave St. Louis hope and a plan — and he takes those things with him. What is left in the wake of his departure is administrative chaos, mass defections, no real budget, a new (and largely unknown) superintendent, and dramatically lowered enrollment — with school to open in six weeks.

What really angers me is how much of the on-going debate about the school district continues to focus on “adult” issues. This district does not exist for adults. It exists for children. For decades, it has let those children down.

Yesterday’s actions — by adults — was more of the same.

I can’t require a state takeover of the St. Louis public schools. The district has to meet certain criteria to be taken over. That will be up to Education Comissioner Kent King to determine. He knows what is going on here. I know he believed keeping Superintendent Williams on the job was important to the district’s children. I am confident Dr. King will do what is right for our kids.