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Posted on 02.20.08
  • 1 min read
  • Posted on 02.20.08

Schnucks will build downtown’s first full-service grocery store, a 20,800 sf urbanized version, in the Missouri Development Finance Board’s Ninth Street Garage at 9th and Olive Streets.

This is an important step forward for downtown. I can’t tell you how many times people have asked me why downtown doesn’t have a supermarket, and where downtown residents shop. Now we have a great answer to both those questions — we will have a Schnucks downtown later this year or early next year, and downtown residents will shop at it.

According to Mark and Craig Schnuck, the store will have two levels, and features that you won’t find in other Schnucks stores. It will have lots of prepared foods so downtown workers, residents, and visitors can either “eat in” or take lunch or dinner back home or to the office. It will have a “cosmopolitan, urban feeling,” according to the Schnucks. And it will have a pharmacy — something that’s been missing downtown since Walgreens left a few years back.

I am grateful to the Schnuck family for making this commitment, and to Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder and his fellow commissioners on the Missouri Development Finance Board for developing the garage and making the space available for the Schnucks grocery.