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Posted on 06.20.06
  • 2 min read
  • Posted on 06.20.06

I get lot of paper - because a lot is going on.

  • The Bottle District, a mixed-use development planned for an area immediately north of the Jones Dome, has taken a couple steps forward. At its meeting on June 7, the City’s Planning Commission voted to recommend both Planned Unit Development legislation and zoning change legislation for the 15-acre District for passage by the St. Louis Board of Aldermen. When completed in several phases, the development is expected to include “Times Square” signage (the details of which are still being negotiated), as well as hundreds of thousands of square feet of retail, entertainment, office, and residential space. Bottle District developers have been working with traffic planners, the CVC, and the Regional Convention and Sports Authority to improve access to the District. Building heights in the District will be limited to 751 feet above mean sea level.

  • Southside Machine, a manufacturing facility in South St. Louis, is planning an expansion of their operation to the former Stockman Lumber site on Bates Street. Southside had originally purchased the property for expansion, but sold it to another company when expansion plans were put on hold. Now, the company is purchasing the property back and is eager to proceed with the expansion, which will add new jobs and new revenue in the City.

  • An historic north St. Louis neighborhood continues its thoughtful - and inclusive - revitalization. Habitat for Humanity plans to construct twenty new three and four-bedroom 2-1/2 bath homes for low-income families at St. Louis Avenue and Garrison/ Their new designs that will complement the grander scale of the historic architecture along St. Louis Avenue. The total cost of the development is estimated at $2.5 million, including volunteer labor from all over the region.

  • Two names popped out at me on the list of permits: Steve Smith’s Panda Athletic Club at 1619 N. Broadway has gotten renewals of its business license and occupancy permit, and Suleman Grbic has received a building permit to make further improvements to his eatery on Keokuk with the addition of Grbic’s Banquet Hall.