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Posted on 08.25.08
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  • Posted on 08.25.08

Conventions are not really the time for insightful blogging. The travel, sights, sounds, and people are sort of kaleidoscopic. And there really isn’t much time for actual thought.

I arrived in Denver yesterday, traveling with (among others) Lewis Reed and Rachel Storch. I rode to my hotel with Charlie Dooley. Like most other delegates, I thought that Michelle Obama’s speech was a great introduction of her husband and that their daughters are the most photogenic First Children in decades.

Security is tight here. It took me (with a handful of credentials and some knowledgeable guides) about an hour to pass through the various checkpoints. As a result, the only words of Sen. Claire McCaskill’s well-received speech I heard in person were “Thank you.”

Tomorrow, I will join the Missouri delegation at breakfast with Susan Montee, whose blogging/delegate daughter Amanda I met yesterday.