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Posted on 01.05.10
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  • Posted on 01.05.10

The weather is forecast to be dangerously cold for next several days. The City and our partners will be increasing the number of emergency beds available at existing emergency shelters and increasing the hours during which the Housing Resource Center's Homeless Hotline (314 802-544) operates. Outreach teams will be moving around the City helping to identify people who need help.

In addition, the City has opened 40 warming sites. Information on the closest center can be obtained by calling the United Way of Greater St. Louis at 211 or, if calling from a cell phone, at 1-800-427-4626.

Finally, the City's "reverse 911'? system is calling the 3,000 people on the City's special needs registry. Its message shares information on where to seek assistance and resources to help them stay warm.

None of this, though, works as well as you do. I strongly encourage everyone to check on your friends, family members, and neighbors to make sure they are staying warm enough.