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Posted on 03.25.06
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  • Posted on 03.25.06

Cleaning up the things left behind in an old City can be difficult and expensive. But, as we work to reclaim our landmarks, that remediation has to be done right.

City development staff, Grand Center, and Pyramid are working together to address asbestos and lead paint abatement in the Metropolitan Building on Grand Avenue. They plan to use $500,000 from a revolving loan fund that SLDC has gotten from the federal government for environmental cleanups.

Meanwhile, the SLDC staff is also working with residents and experts in the Old North St. Louis neighborhood to generate a list of sites for EPA-funded petroleum assessment work.

(Abandoned gas stations are problems in many uban neighborhoods. At one time, gas stations were almost as ubiquitous as bars and churches. SLDC’s partnership with the feds is helping find the old station sites and clean them up.)