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Posted on 11.04.08
  • 2 min read
  • Posted on 11.04.08

Today, we made history together. Voting Americans — and St. Louisans — elected Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Democrats right down the ballot.

It was a hard-fought campaign season. It seemed to me that, although most of my choices this morning were clear ones, there were good people running for most public offices. I wish success to all the winners; and I offer my congratulations to the families of all candidates, prevailing or losing, for completing this marathon.

Tomorrow, the really hard work begins. On the national level, President Barack Obama must restore the confidence — at home and abroad — that eight years of mostly hapless federal leadership has cost the country. I know that he will have the support of newly reelected US Representatives Lacy Clay and Russ Carnahan.

On the state level, Governor Jay Nixon must address the state’s generally flat economic trends. But, he will be ably supported by legislative winners Robin Wright-Jones, TD El Amin, James Morris, Jeanette Mott Oxford, Jamilah Nasheed, Chris Carter, Tishaura Jones, Rachel Storch, Michele Kratky, Michael Vogt, Mike Colona, and Jake Hummel.

On the municipal level, the reelected county officeholders — Larry Williams, Jennifer Joyce, Jim Murphy, and Gerard Nester — must face the challenge of maintaining the levels of service our constituents require, with fewer resources available.

Looking through the candidates most strongly supported by St. Louis voters and our friends, I find that the candidates who were for things, who proposed solutions, and who offered hope strongly outpolled those who were negative, name-calling, or fear-mongering. That is a sign of a City electorate that put away its differences and shared a hope for the future. That’s historical, too.