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Posted on 03.02.08
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  • Posted on 03.02.08

High quality public education - free and readily accessible - is an essential element of a great city. That’s why I have spent so much time working to reform a public school district over which I had no control. Making every school in the St. Louis district as good as its good ones, and its good ones as good as its best ones, will take some time. Meanwhile, I have become a strong supporter of charter schools as faster ways to give City parents more good choices for their children.

Recently, I read about a new one: City Garden Montessori Charter School will, according to its sponsors, offer a unique, high-quality Montessori education to young children and their families living primarily in the Forest Park Southeast, Botanical Heights and Shaw neighborhoods.

The sponsors promise personalized instruction, low student teacher ratios, cultural diversity, and a rigorous curriculum.

Let’s see what they can do.