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Posted on 11.15.08
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  • Posted on 11.15.08

A survey elsewhere on this website asks readers to rate some municipal services and evaluate the City of St. Louis’s customer service.

I hope that you will take the time to complete the survey.

A recent memo from the City’s Citizens Service Bureau included the following information:

  • 95% of Street Light Out requests are now responded to within 4 days
  • 83% of requests for Building inspections are completed (ie: inspection done) within 10 days
  • 94% of requests regarding an entire block of street lights out are responded to within 2 days
  • 74% of complaints about debris dumped on a vacant building or lot are responded to within 20 days (responded means inspector has verified and asked crew to clean)
  • 79% of complaints about unsecured vacant buildings are responded to within 10 days (responded = boarded if city owned, owner notified if privately owned)
  • 84% of complaints about items illegally stored in homeowners yard are inspected within 10 days
  • 98% of calls about a stray animal are responded to within 6 days (animal not always caught)
  • 75% of calls about debris on occupied property are cited within 20 days
  • 83% of requests for dumpster repair are completed within 4 days
  • 58% of requests for graffiti removal are completed within 10 days