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Posted on 10.06.08
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  • Posted on 10.06.08

Maj. Dan Isom was my choice today — and the right choice — to be the City’s new police chief. Dan is a strong leader who will get the best out of the men and women under his command. He is a person of integrity and honor. He is tough. He will be a great role model for young people.

During the interviews for the job, Dan convinced me that he is ready right now to improve the department — by using modern police tactics and technologies to take criminals off our streets and prevent crime before it happens; by using and improving street patrols to make all of our neighborhoods safe; and by understanding the urgent need to repair and restore the department’s credibility as the scandal that has rocked it unfolds.

I have worked with Dan on several anti-crime initiatives. I know that the success of the Wells-Goodfellow anti-violence initiative is attributable, in large measure, to the fact that Dan planned it, organized it, and lead it.

I have asked one thing of Chief Isom during his tenure: that he never hesitate to speak the truth about crime, its causes, and what needs to be done to stop it.