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Posted on 01.30.08
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  • Posted on 01.30.08

Two important voices dropped out of the race for President today. Democrat John Edwards and Republican Rudy Guiliani told their disappointed supporters that they were stepping aside, leaving the remainder of the race to two Democrats and four Republicans.

Most readers of this blog know that I support the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. I hope - and believe - that she will win the Missouri primary next Tuesday, the Democratic nomination before summer, and the presidency in November.

I will, however, miss Mr. Edwards’ eloquent presence on the platform where he spoke so frequently and passionately about poor people. In a city like ours that is still growing its way out of decades of decline, that message could resonate. And I worry that Mr. Guiliani’s departure from his party’s field leaves Republicans without a candidate of their own who knows (or, even speaks) very much about America’s cities.

Both former candidates deserve our gratitude for the perspectives they brought to this very interesting campaign season.