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Posted on 01.22.06
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  • Posted on 01.22.06

Even when I’m traveling, I get my share of reports.

As most readers know, new construction and most alterations to existing buildings require building permits from the City. The permit is, essentially, an agreement by the applicant to follow building codes. The City charges a fee that, among other uses, funds the City’s inspection program to ensure that all codes - including historic district ordinances - are followed.

In 2005, the City’s building division issued 7,050 building permits - nearly 9 percent more than in 2004. And almost 6,000 of the permits were issued over-the-counter, the same day on which they were requested.

The construction value of permits issued in 2005 was almost $800 million - up more than 11 percent from 2004. That 2005 growth is even more impressive when you recall that the new ballpark’s permit was included in the 2004 totals.

PS I really do not mind senior alderman Fred Wessels signing a few bills or issuing a couple of proclamations while he’s acting mayor, but I am going to expect a complete report from him about what doors he’s left unlocked using the Key to the City.