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Posted on 02.08.08
  • 1 min read
  • Posted on 02.08.08

In almost every corner of our City, you can find something you didn’t expect.

At McRee and Kinghighway, a small company is making your breakfast right now. CHP Blenders’ business is blending flour and other ingredients into pancake mix. The company likes its location (between I-44 and I-64 and adjacent to railroad access0 that is planning a 24,000 sf expansion of its plant. It is expected that the expansion will create several new jobs, bringing CHP’s workforce to more than 30 employees. The addition is expected to be completed in mid-2008.

Do you think your company would thrive in the City? The LRA is preparing to issue a Request for Proposals for a 9 acre site at 4658 Rosalie. Rodney Crim and his team believe that its size and access to I-70 will make it an attractive opportunity for industrial development — or retail.