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Posted on 08.07.06
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  • Posted on 08.07.06

Tomorrow, August 8, is an Election Day. On the ballot in the City will be two issues that residents should consider:

Proposition G

A YES vote will set new tax rates for the licenses required of City businesses. The new revenue generated by this increase will pay for more police and prosecutors: a bigger violent offenders program, more police officers on the streets and in specialized units, a new unit in the Circuit Attorney’s office, more cooperative programs with the feds, a strong program to combat truancy, and a greater effort to identify and prosecute the owners of problem properties.

Constitutional Amendment #1

A YES vote will extend an existing tax for ten years. The tax — a one-tenth of one percent sales tax — supports the state’s parks system and its soil/water conservation efforts. Any realistic hope of increasing state assistance to the City’s own parks probably depends on passage of this amendment.