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Posted on 07.01.08
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  • Posted on 07.01.08

I gave the welcoming address to the Shriners national convention being held in St. Louis this week. In my many conversations with the participants, I found it gratifying to hear what a great time they are having in St. Louis, how much they love Downtown, and that they feel welcomed by the people of our city.

St. Louisans are — as a group — friendly, considerate, and caring. You can usually spot us on vacations: we’re the ones waiting patiently in the lines, saying please and thank-you, and asking others where they’re from.

(And, yes, we have knuckleheads, too. The newspaper fills its pages with stories about them. Such is the nature of news. For the good news, ask a Shriner.)

We should remind ourselves of this from time to time.