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Posted on 07.04.08
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  • Posted on 07.04.08

Although the thousands of delegates and church leaders (and their guests) attending the African American Episcopal (AME) Church quadrennial convention here over the next week or so will have plenty of serious business with which to occupy themselves, I hope they will take plenty of time to enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of St. Louis.

What should they do to relax? According to the early results of a very unscientific survey of this website’s readers, our AME visitors ought to spend plenty of time at local cultural institutions (like the Art Museum, the Botanical Garden, and the History Museum), sightsee in historic neighbors, catch a Cardinals game — or, my favorite suggestion, just decide to move to St. Louis permanently. Top City sites to sight? Many of the survey’s first 1,309 survey respondents suggest the Arch and City Museum, both within easy walking distance of the AME convention headquarters at America’s Center.

Do you disagree with these suggestions? Take the survey yourself.

Meanwhile, welcome to St. Louis, delegates and guests to the AME convention! We are glad you came. (And you picked a great weekend to arrive.)