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Posted on 10.10.06
  • 1 min read
  • Posted on 10.10.06

Media Life correspondent Toni Fitzgerald frets in cyberspace today that TV ratings for the MLB playoffs will be low.

Her reasoning? Teams from Boston (1) and Chicago (2) all missed pro baseball’s “second season.” Only one “major market” team — the NY Mets — remains in the playoffs, and they are less popular than New York’s other baseball franchise, even in Gotham itself. Besides, she says, the remaining teams — Detroit, Oakland, and St. Louis — largely lack players who are “recognizable by name.”

But what about the presence of a certain big-name Cardinals player who won last year’s MVP award and will probably win this year’s title as well? Albert Pujols, she says, won’t draw viewers because “he’s quiet and well-mannered and keeps a low profile, quite the opposite of most of today’s headline-hogging mega-stars.”

Come to think of it: That nice description pretty well fits the entire Cardinals roster. Nevertheless, I’m sure that TV and radio ratings for the MLB play-offs will be very strong around here.