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Posted on 04.22.10
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  • Posted on 04.22.10

I have received several (OK, exactly 3) emails from members of a kickball league recently kicked out of Tower Grove Park following what the park's director described as a continuing run of bad behavior by some teams or team members. Kickballers from other leagues, and participants in other sports, were not affected.

TGP is an interesting entity. It is governed by a Board of Commissioners appointed under the authority of the Supreme Court of the State of Missouri. The commission sets its rules. I had nothing to do with the decision to ban the kickballers. And I am not going to intervene or mediate the issue. However, were I an organizer of that particular kickball league and I wanted to return to the park some day, I think I might start off by apologizing to the park's commissioners and to the neighbors for behaviors by some people that ruined the experience of many others. Then, I might propose some new league rules and procedures, including some penalties for intolerable behavior, that might assuage managers' and neighbors' concerns.

A lot of St. Louisans have fun playing a field game from their youth. Recalling what the fun part was might resolve a grownup problem.