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Posted on 08.12.10
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  • Posted on 08.12.10

I do not know very much about the business or lifestyle of agriculture, and St. Louis is not a rural capital. But, Missouri is a farm and ranch state, and agriculture is one of the underpinnings of our economy. That is important to understand whether we are discussing the proposed China Hub or the mindset of an important caucus of the Missouri General Assembly.

I mention this as background for a rare mayoral suggestion for a day trip outside the St. Louis city limits.

The Missouri State Fair opens today in Sedalia and runs through August 22. It will be eleven days celebrating the business and values of the state's dominant culture. There will be shows, concerts, awards, and exhibitions. There will be traditional cook-offs and beauty contests; glad-handing and politicking (the Governor's Annual ham breakfast is next week); and some eye-popping demonstrations of the plant science and technology of contemporary agriculture.

Amtrak's Missouri River Runner is a fun ride between St. Louis and Sedalia. I recommend the visit, if you haven't been.