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Posted on 02.05.08
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  • Posted on 02.05.08

Today, many of you will be going to the polls to vote in Presidential primaries in Missouri and Illinois.

Since MayorSlay.com attracts readers from both major political parties (and plenty of political independents), we are not going to tell you to take a Democratic ballot to VOTE FOR Hillary Clinton - although that is exactly what Mayor Francis Slay is going to do.

Instead, we are going to urge you to break the recent pattern of low-turnout elections in the City, the county, and the Bi-State area by encouraging your friends and neighbors to get out and vote with you.

And, if you - or they - live in the City of St. Louis, we are not going to be shy at all. We strongly urge everyone to VOTE YES ON PROP S.

Prop S is a half-cent increase in the local sales tax. All of the money raised by the levy will be used to hire more St. Louis police officers, make the compensation of police and firefighters more competitive with other local departments, and comply with court-ordered funding of the police and firefighter pension funds.

A sales tax, while not a perfect vehicle, spreads some of the weight for this vital expense to people who work, dine, or shop in the City, but who live elsewhere. Since visitors, too, depend on the St. Louis public safety departments, Prop S seems like a fair proposition. After all, City residents who shop in Richmond Heights or dine in Clayton are helping pay for those cities’ services, too.

As the St. Louis Business Journal put it in an editorial endorsement of Prop S this week: "If the tax doesn’t pass, the burden will be shared as well because there will be less money for development, marketing, street repairs . . . you name it."