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Posted on 10.04.12
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  • Posted on 10.04.12

From the home office:

Mayor Slay, Stray Rescue founder Randy Grim, Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce, and Officer Naes of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department gathered to discuss today's recent sentencing of Darick Stallworth, who was given four years in jail for five accounts of animal abuse. The group also provided an update on the first arrest since the Animal Cruelty Task Force was founded just last week.

"Violence demands punishment," said Mayor Slay. "The fight against violence demands community action. I commend the judge. People who torture animals are likely to be violent to humans as well. I renew the City's partnership with Stray Rescue and other advocates to change the cultures that have let animal abuse go unremarked in the past. I hope the rest of the region follows the City's example. The City's Animal Cruelty Task Force and the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department must continue to catch and arrest criminals who are dangerous to animals."

The St. Louis Police Department also announced the arrest of 22-year-old Cennitra Fowler, who was charged today with two misdemeanor counts of animal abuse. On September 29, 2012, just a few days after being assigned to the Animal Cruelty Task Force, Officer Naes began the investigation of a year-old animal abuse claim that resulted in the death of one dog and the severe neglect of a second dog. Ms. Fowler, who has since moved residences, was arrested yesterday.

"I'm thankful for the community's help in identifying and arresting this individual," said Officer Naes. "I look forward to continuing to bring people who abuse animals to justice."

"I appreciate the quick work of Officer Naes in catching the individual responsible for one of the worst animal abuse cases I've seen," said Randy Grim. "Furthermore, today's sentencing - and the incredible work of Anna Kratky of the Circuit Attorney's Office - shows that we've made huge steps in making our City a better, safer place for animals and for people. I look forward to the continued success of this partnership."