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Posted on 09.04.08
  • 2 min read
  • Posted on 09.04.08

From City Treasurer Larry Williams:

An ATM-like machine will now allow some parking offenders in the City of St. Louis to pay their tickets by cards or cash, while bypassing lines and saving time, St. Louis City Treasurer Larry Williams announced today.

The City Treasurer’s office has begun field testing a new type of payment system at a kiosk in City Hall near the Clark Street Entrance. If this pilot program proves to be successful, Treasurer Williams hopes to install several additional units in universities and governmental buildings, and in public libraries.

"This is just another step in making government and its services more accessible to the citizens of the City of St. Louis," Treasurer Williams said. "The possibility for this technology is endless in a governmental application. If people use this kind of machine and find it convenient, we will be teaming up with other City offices to offer other payment services on the kiosks."

Baltimore and New York have already implemented payment kiosks systems. According to published accounts, those have found that the kiosks improve efficiency, save money, and make city government more accessible. The Treasurer’s Office is unaware of any similar programs in the St. Louis region.

The City Hall payment kiosk will be accessible during regular City Hall hours: Monday-Friday from 8AM-5PM. Parking fines may still also be paid in person, by mail, or on-line.

Equipment and software for the pilot program is being furnished by RoboServer Systems (RBSY).